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Avery Shingler
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United States
Knock knock, Who's there? Procrastination! Procrastination who? ..............................................................................................................................................................................

Tagged by :iconmcblooop518:

1. Y'all need to put up these rules.
2. You MUST tag 10 other people and post their icons.
3. You have to tell people that you tagged them on their profiles.
4. You cannot tag the person that tagged you.
5. Do not tag stuff either.

1. What's the earliest memory you remember and how old were you?

I think the earliest thing I remember( and I have no idea what age I am when Im remembering this, im guessing 2 or 3) Is when I just wake up one morning and walk into the living room, where I sit on the couch and i'm SO bored that I fall asleep again. Then when I wake up again it really late at night and the tv's on and the scarecrow from WOZ is on the screen being tortured and It's really creepy so I go to my parents room and fall asleep again.

2. If you were magically transformed into an object, what would it be?

Does it matter? once I'm that object I won't be sentient, therefor unable to enjoy that fact that I am something else. *DEEP*

3. Tell me about a "you" that you regret being. (like me in middle school..*shiver*)

Avery Shingler, 5-7th grade:

The me where I didn't know that face wash made your face not have acne and shampoo made your hair not oily. The me where I came home everyday to eat two packs of Ramen and go straight to the computer and read Naurto Fanfiction. The me where I wore the same Pirates of the Caribbean hoodie everyday without washing it, and not wearing deodorant OR shaving...

4. If you suddenly became a cartoon, what cartoon world would you live in?

Disney Mega-Verse!

5. Uhhhhh....favorite...species of cat??

Domestic ( I think you meant Breed) Though, I do enjoy the Canadian Lynx

6. A song that you are ashamed to say you know all the words to?

I know every word of every song from Panic at the Disco's first album. I'm not ashamed of the music, I'm just ashamed that that was the only 13 songs I listened to for 3 years.( the same tree years where I didn't wash my hair or clothes^) 

7. And to finish it off.... Do you like your life right now and, if not, what could you do to change it?

I guess I'm content. I don't have anything to really complain about...

I'll be asking the Questions Now

1) CORRELATE:Marry, Friendship and Destroy: Benedict Cumberbatch, John Green, and Ellen Degeneres.

2) What book have you read that has truly changed your life. and why?(believe it or not mine was To Kill A Mockingbird)

3) If you had a lucrative amount of glamorous facial hair, how would you style such follicles?

4) The item to your left has just been touched my the All Spark!( I don't care if it's not electronic It just Sprang to Life!)what is it? Is it trying to kill you?

5) It's a Tuesday in Rockchester, There are clouds in the sky and you have a spring in your step. when suddenly a police officer directs you away from the street. A mob of angry Zebra are protesting the lack-there-of of High Fructose Corn Syrup in wheat-by-products and it's getting messy. Did you put sugar is your coffee this morning?

6) If you could have a Complex, unending and colossal amount of Knowledge about any subject, what would that subject be?

7) Are you upset that the first word you ever said wasn't 'quote' so that the last word you ever said would be 'end-quote'? wouldn't that be awesome!? well, it's too late now, so what do you hope your last words will be?


1. :iconienaku:

2. :iconcptjoe23:

3. :icontacoeating:

4. :iconrikumasen:

5. :iconchadrocco:

6. :iconsoffie101:




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